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  • The competition accepts entries from any corporation, group or individual that meets the age requirement of 18+.
  • The design submission must be exclusive to AlUla Design Award.
  • The final outcome will need to be a functional camel cover, also known as AlJilal, within the dimensions of 200 x 180 cm. The designers will have the creative freedom to create and produce in any material or method they see best portrays their design concept.

How to Apply

  • Sign up for free on the Award Portal.
  • Submit your application as follows:
    • Designer(s) Name and Bio.
    • Design Title and Concept.
    • Upload all supporting documents to best portray your concept to the jury members. Kindly note the following points when uploading:
      • You may upload up to 10 designs.
      • Maximum file size is 200 MB.
      • You may use Zip files, PDF, Word Documents, PPT, JPG, PNG, MP4, and links to published videos.
      • Uploading documents are mandatory while videos are optional.
      • Make sure all uploads are in high resolution and labelled clearly.
      • Sketches must be uploaded 3D Render format. Any designs submitted as a rough sketch will be eliminated during the first screening process.


10 Shortlisted Designers
2 Winners
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