Who can participate in the AlUla Design Award?
AlUla Design Award is open to all designers, artists, artisans, and creatives interested in participating. Local, regional and international participants are all welcome. Participants must be aged 18+.

What is the deadline for design submissions?
The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 17:00 (GMT +3).

Can I make changes to the submission after registration is completed?
Yes, changes can be made until the door for applications is closed through the submission portal.

Is there a cost for participation?
No, the registration is free.

Can I submit multiple proposals?
Yes, applicants are welcome to submit multiple designs/proposals, up to 10 submissions per entrant.

What is the evaluation process with the jury panel?
The evaluation process starts with the conceptual judging round by the internal judges of the AlUla Design Award .

The 10 shortlisted designers then move on to create their prototypes and are then evaluated by the selection of internal jury members based on the following criteria:


Clarity of Inspiration

  • Does the design have a clear and cohesive inspiration from AlUla’s nature, heritage, art and/or culture integrated within an overall theme?
  • Does it provide detailed material descriptions, fabric options and colour swatches that match the proposed theme?
  • The product should have never been produced before and is strictly exclusive to AlUla Design Award, with high end quality limited to AlUla only.
  • The designer communicates the theme, concept and process thoroughly in a detailed description.
  • Does the design showcase creativity and originality? Evaluate how the designer has approached the challenge with fresh and creative ideas.

Quality of Design

  • Will the product be produced adaptable for multiple applications with attention to detail on materials and patterns?
  • Does the product fulfil all requirements of handling, safety, and maintenance for a long period of time?
  • The product concept is new and does not supplement any existing design from the designer’s previous line of work. Demonstrated evidence of high level brainstorming and research on new, original design techniques.

Quality of Production & Materiality

  • Is the chosen fabric of high quality, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal?
  • Does the fabric suit the camel cover's purpose, considering factors like breathability and comfort?
  • How precise and neat is the finishing to enhance overall aesthetics?
  • If embroidery is used, how proficient is the participant with embroidery techniques?
  • Is consideration given to the durability of the embroidery work over time?
  • Is the product produced with expendable, renewable material, and is the design adaptable for multiple applications with attention to detail on material and patterns?
  • Quality and longevity of the design, how long does the product prototype last?


  • Does the design demonstrate innovation, possess high-quality attributes, and engage in a meaningful dialogue with the essence of AlUla?
  • Are the selected materials appropriate and easy to source?
  • Assess the level of detail in the design and how it contributes to the overall individual style.
  • Consider whether the designer has paid careful attention to nuances that enhance the uniqueness of the work.


  • How effectively does the design utilise texture and finishing techniques to enhance its visual and tactile appeal?
  • To what degree does the design exhibit engineering excellence, considering functionality, structural integrity, and practicality?
  • Form, shape, colour, texture, finishing, engineering, material used and their artistic value to the design are of high standards.
  • Demonstrated evidence of high level brainstorming and research on new, original design techniques.

My design was published, showcased and/or won previously in another competition. Can I submit the same product again?

No. Based upon the criteria, designers are not allowed to submit any previously published or produced work. The purpose of the competition is for designers to conceptualise a product inspired by the art, culture and heritage of AlUla.

What are the rewards for being shortlisted?

  • A chance to be featured on Art AlUla's communication platforms.

What are the rewards for winning?

  • Recognition and exposure at AlUla Camel Cup 2024, one of AlUla’s most anticipated events with an international audience.
  • A chance to be featured on Arts AlUla’s communication platforms.
  • Exclusive pavilion to display the winning designs at AlUla Camel Cup 2024.
  • Recognition trophy and award celebrating the AlUla Design Award winning design and designers.
  • Invitation to AlUla Camel Cup 2024.
  • The winning design(s) will be produced by the Royal Commission for AlUla *details to be developed through an agreement with the Royal Commission for AlUla.